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Reasons Why Network Marketing

If you are new to business, and in particular network marketing then �welcome�. You are at the right place. We strongly believe that building a network marketing business is one of the smartest things you can do with your time and money in today�s economy.

In order for you to be really successful in network marketing, it is important to understand why you should even bother. The truth is that it takes time, effort and energy to build a business. Most people are quite comfortable with where they are, so why bother,

In the 20th Century, we moved in to a new age called the �Industrial Age�. The first big corporate giants including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, with their huge steel and car companies dominated the business world. It was whoever owned the factories that controlled the wealth.

Build Your Fortune

Here is the big question: At your current place of work, who is making a living and who is getting rich? It is whoever owns the asset. The asset is the business. This is where the control and wealth is. By working as an �Employee,� you are spending your 8 hour day building someone else�s asset. You are earning a living, and the owner is building a fortune. You are not only making 10x less money, but also paying twice as much in tax.For over 100 years, the reason people clung to jobs was because of security. Today, with more and more people getting made redundant in a shrinking market, job security no longer exists. People are now looking for a more secure way to earn a living. What is more secure? Having one income stream with a job or an income coming from a hundred places, which you get from having a customer base? Today, jobs are now the risky option.

Want To Double Your Income

It is very difficult to be able to double your income with a job. In fact, the average pay rise is currently around 2%. This is crazy, especially since inflation is closer to 10%. However, with a business, it is a lot easier to get twice as many �customers� next year than the last, which in turn doubles your income. The smart people are now building their own businesses on the side.When you get to a certain point in a multi level marketing business and you have your team in place, your business then begins to build itself. You cannot do this with a job. This is how you can go then away on holiday and be making more money when you come back than when you left. Thats leverage!


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